Agro-Invest slaughterhouse

Established in 1994, the company Agro-Invest owes one of the most modern slaughterhouses of cattle and sheep from Romania, built according to European standards. Agro-Invest slaughterhouse covers an area of ​​ 14.700 m² and has a capacity of 200 cattle/day and 1000 sheep/day.

Our business profile is the slaughtering of cattle, sheep and goats, followed by the packaging and the delivery of chilled or frozen products to various processors both on the domestic and foreign markets. In order to benefit from a raw material of an excellent quality, we make sure to carefully select the best cattle and sheep grown in an environment as healthy as possible, in order to be able to keep the natural flavor and the original taste of Romanian meat.

The meat which is processed at Agro-Invest slaughterhouse guarantees the food safety due to the fact that the technological processing lines obey the most strict European regulations and also because all the technological parameters are constantly monitored. Thus the final result, the Agro-Invest products offer a true freshness, a Romanian authentic taste and not least, the guarantee of a healthy meal!


Sieu Magherus, Bistrita-Nasaud County

427295, Romania

Telephone/Fax: +40 263 206 124