About us

We invested in one of the most modern slaughterhouses of cattle and sheep from Romania. With an experience of more than 20 years in the domain of processing and preserving of meat, Agro-Invest provides the certainty that the entire range of products designed to meet the needs of meat processors, is one of the highest quality. By using the latest technology, Agro-Invest provides consumers with beef, lamb and mutton meat, responsibly produced and at the highest degree of food safety.

The philosophy of Agro-Invest company revolves around some key concepts: quality, seriousness and responsibility. At the core of Agro-Invest business is the belief in doing things with 100% energy and conviction. What we are known and respected for is our strength and capability to deliver industry-leading performance in those markets that we do serve.

Sieu Magherus, Bistrita-Nasaud County

427295, Romania

Telephone/Fax: +40 263 206 124

E-mail: contact@agro-invest.ro