We highly value the freshness and quality of our products and we want our products to arrive quickly and in safe conditions to our partners within the country, but also from outside.

With our own logistics, we manage to coordinate our activity in order to ensure the maximum efficiency in the process of delivery to our clients. For many years, the quality of our products have found recognition abroad. The beef and lamb meat from Agro-Invest slaughterhouse reaches countries such as Sweden, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Qatar, Vietnam or Hong Kong.

Our fleet includes a wide range of vehicles such as trucks for the transportation of live animals which are adequately equipped, as well as vehicles equipped with refrigeration systems for the transportation of carcasses and meat products.


Sieu Magherus, Bistrita-Nasaud County

427295, Romania

Telephone/Fax: +40 263 206 124